Jeff Trachta combines song and dance with comedy and impressions for a fast-paced, family-friendly show that romps through 60 minutes of fun! The critically acclaimed performer, best known for his eight-year run on The Bold and the Beautiful, does spot-on impersonations of everyone from Larry the Cable Guy to Richard Nixon - with a special emphasis on beloved television characters. You'll hear over 50 rapid-fire voices you'll recognize from shows like Family Guy, Gilligan's Island, The Honeymooners, Bewitched, South Park and SpongeBob SquarePants.

"Trachta is Hilarious!"

"Whether doing one of his spot-on impressions or singing a heartfelt ballad, he is superb. Trachta has ... vocal versatility...!"

But Trachta is more than just a talented voice. He's also a powerful singer whose vocal range gives him command of diverse musical styles from gospel and Motown to pop, rock and standards. He sings tunes from N'Sync, Billy Joel, Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley and the Backstreet Boys, among others. Unlike his impersonations, he sings using his own voice. "I make it a rule to sing the songs as the 'real' Jeff," he explains. "It is the only way I get to communicate with the audience as the real me."

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